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March 2017 Archives

Child marriages still occur in New York but divorce is prohibited

To many New Yorkers, the idea of allowing a young child to marry is inconceivable. Yet, it happens in the state of New York more often than you might imagine. A law enacted in 1929 makes it possible for a child as young as 14 to enter into wedlock, often to someone much older. Even more unbelievable, it is against the law for someone under the age of 18 to get a divorce.

Child support and extraordinary medical expenses in New York

Many issues can go overlooked when a couple with children divorces. While both parties usually try very hard to anticipate the needs of the children, some things simply fall through the cracks. One of the issues that can arise to take many divorced parents in the Syracuse area by surprise concerns uninsured medical expenses.

Will bankruptcy resolve my unpaid child support?

Courts will always take your child support obligations seriously. It's rare that a court will relieve a New York noncustodial parent of his or her need to pay child support - even in situations where the parent pursues bankruptcy to resolve his or her outstanding unpaid debts.

De-coupling child custody and visitation

As California continues to consider secession from the United States, it is important to note that this pursuit is not the first time that the Golden State has taken a legal and cultural position diametrically opposed to the other 49. One example stands out. California stands alone in legally allowing children to have more than two legal parents.

Who will get the dog in a divorce?

When you adopt a dog, they become an inseparable part of the family. They wake up with you, provide companionship for your kids and keep you cheered up during life's worst moments. So how do you decide who gets the dog during a divorce?