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April 2017 Archives

Unmarried or seeking divorce: Over 50? Here's some facts

Marriage simply isn't for everyone. Sometimes marriages break down, or you get married and decide later that you don't want to be married at all. People change, morals and ideals change and it's reasonable to want to move on from a part of your life that isn't working for you.

The concern of bias: What fathers need to know

You are heading to court to determine who will have primary custody of your children, and you have a bad feeling that because you're the father, you'll end up with visitation. Is the court really biased against fathers? Or has that bias become an old wive's tale that has been eliminated from the court system?

Legal guidance when attempting to collect back child support

As a single parent entitled to child support, you probably already know most of your rights. You may also know that your noncustodial co-parent must pay any back child support he or she has missed. However, knowing these things and making them happen can be a difficult goal.

How the 'best interests of the child' affects child custody

It is a term heard in most divorce proceedings involving children: the best interests of the child. It sounds important and positive, but what does it really mean? Family law attorneys field questions about "best interests" all the time when guiding parents through child custody proceedings. Hopefully, the information in this blog post will take some of the term's ambiguity away.