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June 2017 Archives

What should you do if your spouse doesn't want a divorce?

There may come a time in your life where you feel your marriage is simply not working for you. You may mull over the decision and eventually come to terms with the fact that you want to get a divorce. You approach your spouse to talk to him about this, but you're blindsided when he says no.

Garnishing wages can help get your the child support you need

If the father or mother of your child is not paying child support as ordered by the court, you do have options to get the money your child deserves. One way that the courts can help you get what you need from the other parent is by garnishing his or her wages. This works the best for people who have a consistent job and employer. It may be hard to garnish wages from someone taking jobs under the table or whose place of employment is unknown.

Why is it important to hire a divorce attorney?

While there are many advertisements for do-it-yourself divorces, the truth is that it's a better idea to contact a divorce attorney. While you can go through the stages of a divorce on your own, an attorney has experience that you don't and can ensure you cover everything required in your settlement and divorce documents.

Patenting time: Conflicting activities and your custody rights

When children age, they begin to collect a series of hobbies and activities they enjoy participating in. For some people, that means adding to a growing number of after-school programs. In two-parent families, this isn't a problem, because both parents know where the child is. Both parents can talk to one another and decide if the child can participate in the activity. They both are parents to the child all the time, so there's no stress in not seeing the child for a few hours.

Child support isn't just for necessities

Child support is an important payment made by the parent who is not the primary custodian. This child support payment helps cover many different needs a child has, whether those needs include housing, school-related fees or other expenses. Some people believe that child support should not go to the other parent but instead toward the child completely, but child support isn't designed to work that way.