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September 2017 Archives

What is the importance of child support?

When you were ordered to pay child support, your first question may have been, "why?" You intend to be in your child's life around half the time, and you will pay for things he or she needs, like clothing, school activity funds and other needs. What difference would it make if you didn't pay child support? Why do you need to pay child support if you can't even guarantee that the funds go to your child?

Why is a settlement agreement important?

When you're going through a divorce, it's possible that you may have disputes that you need to resolve. One of the ways to do that is through alternative dispute resolution processes. One option is mediation, and another is collaborative law. In either case, you can get help to work through your issues, so you and your spouse can get through your divorce and move on with your lives.

Can you waive child support payments?

When you get a divorce, you may be against receiving alimony. Perhaps you don't want to receive it because you don't want to have continued contact with your ex. Maybe you don't want it because you no longer want to rely on your ex. Whatever the reason is, you can typically opt out of seeking alimony.

Unmarried fathers could lose their rights without paternity tests

One major problem that sometimes occurs is when a father is unaware that he has a child. If that child is put up for adoption, it calls into question if the father knows about the child and the relationship that he wants to have with the child.

How can you help your teen get through your divorce?

In the teenage years, many find themselves emotionally challenged as their hormones change and bodies adjust. Add to this the threat of a teen's parents divorcing, and it can quickly become a difficult situation. If you have a teenage daughter, you may be feeling the strain right now.