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October 2017 Archives

Man owes over $100,000 in child support payments

When you have to fight for child support from an ex for several years, the amount he or she owes adds up. Add interest to the amount along with fees, and it is easy to see how hard it would be for someone to make those payments. Despite that, it's their responsibility to do so, and failing to pay isn't an option.

Custodial fathers have a right to child support, too

If you're a father who has obtained primary custody, you might be concerned about child support. Your child's mother is supposed to pay, but you're not sure she'll do so. You feel it's your obligation to take care of your child, and you already work and support him or her without any need for additional money. Should you still seek support if your child's mother doesn't pay?

Living alone is more common for Americans today than ever before

Americans are at a risk of dying alone, according to a news statement on Oct. 9, because they are more likely to live alone and not have families than in the past. Strong social relationships are necessary to boost a person's life span. In fact, a strong social circle improves a person's chance of staying alive by an amazing 50 percent. That's similar to the boost in a person's chance of surviving longer that results from quitting smoking.

How to know when a parenting evaluation is biased

When it's time for your custody case to go to court, the last thing you need is bias working against you. Bias and inaccurate parenting evaluations could mean that you end up with less time with your child or that you lose custody completely. It's not fair, and it shouldn't be legal.