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November 2017 Archives

Ready for divorce? Talk to your spouse first

Before people get a divorce, there are usually questions and signs that there is trouble in the relationship. If you've ever talked to someone who got a divorce, he or she will be quick to tell you the moment he or she knew the relationship was over. They can tell you the factors that made their decisions for them.

The right custody plan matters for your child

There are several kinds of child custody parents can seek when they're separated or going through divorce. Starting with the most basic is physical custody. Physical custody is what you think of when you think about seeking custody. It's physically having your child with you. Parents can share physical custody, or one parent can seek primary or sole physical custody.

Adoption and divorce: You can help your child get through it

Adopting your child was the most important decision you and your spouse made together. Unfortunately, now that your marriage is ending, you're not sure how to address your child's needs. You know that your child already lost his parents once, so imagining putting him through that again is heartbreaking.