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3 ways to enable your child love a new home

When your child has to move into two homes, it becomes a matter of buying the items he or she needs. One thing that you should remember is that it's hard for a child to move into two homes and to not have the consistency he or she once had.

Making your child comfortable in two homes is about more than just having the basics. Here are a few tips for helping your child adjust after divorce.

1. Allow your child to design the room

A new bedroom is like a new adventure. With the right presentation, this is a great situation for your child, not one to be rejected or feared. Explain that your child has a right to choose what he or she wants the room to look like, within reason. Take into consideration the color palettes, themes and items your child wants in the room to make him or her feel comfortable there.

2. Give your child time to adjust

If you haven't picked out the new home yet or are going to move, bring your child with you. How a child feels when seeing the home sets the tone. If he or she loves the bedroom upstairs because it has a little reading nook, consider giving your child that bedroom. A little positivity and a sense of control goes a long way.

3. Take the exhaustion out of the change

Instead of making your child participate in moving day and all the stress that comes with it, consider taking into consideration his or her ideas and surprising him or her with the new room. Instead of being worn out from moving all day, he or she will have a fresh appreciation for all the new things you've included in his or her special room.

These are just a few ideas for ways to keep your child positive during a difficult time in life. With the right presentation, a new home is exciting instead of upsetting.

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