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How can you have the best chance of obtaining sole custody?

After you decide that you want to end your marriage, one of your main concerns is what happens to your children. If you don't believe that your spouse has their best interests at heart, you may want to try to obtain sole custody.

In most cases, the courts would like to see both parents participate in a child's life. In some cases, that's not in the child's best interests. For example, if your ex was abusive to you and you feel that he or she may have been abusive to your children as well, it would be a good idea to seek sole custody to protect your children from ongoing harm.

When you obtain sole custody, it doesn't necessarily mean that the other parent won't have time with the children. He or she may have visitation, either supervised or not. Usually, the courts do grant visitation rights unless there is evidence that shows that providing visitation is not in the best interests of your children.

The court wants what's best for your children. The judge may take into consideration many factors, including how you and your spouse present yourselves in court. If you're arguing for sole custody but show up late, are argumentative, speak out of turn or throw around baseless accusations, you won't help yourself win your argument. Do your best to provide sound arguments with evidence. Present yourself in a clean, calm manner. With good support and evidence for sole custody, you can negotiate to keep your children in a stable home with a positive home environment.

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