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Mother fights for son, claiming radicalization of son

A mother in New York is fighting against her child's father claiming that he is radicalizing their son. The mother, who is a practicing Muslim and American citizen believes that her ex-husband has been feeding their son extreme ideologies, which could have negative implications for his future.

The mother is now seeking sole custody of the 11-year-old child. She claims that their marriage ended because of her ex-husband getting too extreme when it came to their religion; she said he wanted her to stop exercising and sought to bring home another wife. He demanded that she dress more modestly as well. She stated that he was physically abusive when she told him she knew about his communication with another woman.

The boy's father claims that the mother is lying and that she is seeking custody for her own reasons. He believes she's trying to use anti-Muslim feelings against him.

The boy's mother has noted a change in her child, stating that he tells her she isn't a good Muslim because of how she dresses and exercises. She claims he is starting to express extremist views and is seeking weapons as he gets older. In a school incident, the boy even allegedly expressed that he would die for his God, Allah.

Freedom of religion is a right in the United States, but not if it infringes on another person's rights. This case is important, because deciding what a parent can and can't teach his or her children could define what the child does as an adult or how he or she adjusts as he or she grows.

Source: WGN9, "New York mother fights for custody of son, says boy’s father is radicalizing their child," Nov. 30, 2017

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