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Adoption and divorce: You can help your child get through it

Adopting your child was the most important decision you and your spouse made together. Unfortunately, now that your marriage is ending, you're not sure how to address your child's needs. You know that your child already lost his parents once, so imagining putting him through that again is heartbreaking.

Can I keep my business in a divorce?

Divorce is rarely a simple matter, but for business owners it can be a logistical nightmare. In fact, many business owners do not consider just how much a divorce can devastate their business until the wheels begin coming off the wagon of the marriage.

The concern of bias: What fathers need to know

You are heading to court to determine who will have primary custody of your children, and you have a bad feeling that because you're the father, you'll end up with visitation. Is the court really biased against fathers? Or has that bias become an old wive's tale that has been eliminated from the court system?