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Mother fights for son, claiming radicalization of son

A mother in New York is fighting against her child's father claiming that he is radicalizing their son. The mother, who is a practicing Muslim and American citizen believes that her ex-husband has been feeding their son extreme ideologies, which could have negative implications for his future.

The right custody plan matters for your child

There are several kinds of child custody parents can seek when they're separated or going through divorce. Starting with the most basic is physical custody. Physical custody is what you think of when you think about seeking custody. It's physically having your child with you. Parents can share physical custody, or one parent can seek primary or sole physical custody.

How to know when a parenting evaluation is biased

When it's time for your custody case to go to court, the last thing you need is bias working against you. Bias and inaccurate parenting evaluations could mean that you end up with less time with your child or that you lose custody completely. It's not fair, and it shouldn't be legal.

Unmarried fathers could lose their rights without paternity tests

One major problem that sometimes occurs is when a father is unaware that he has a child. If that child is put up for adoption, it calls into question if the father knows about the child and the relationship that he wants to have with the child.

Living accommodations do affect custody rights

Your living accommodations do have the potential to influence your child custody arrangements. Child custody arrangements are made based on a parent's living conditions as well as other factors when the courts review the case. The court must find that you have acceptable living accommodations in order to grant you custody of your child.

Patenting time: Conflicting activities and your custody rights

When children age, they begin to collect a series of hobbies and activities they enjoy participating in. For some people, that means adding to a growing number of after-school programs. In two-parent families, this isn't a problem, because both parents know where the child is. Both parents can talk to one another and decide if the child can participate in the activity. They both are parents to the child all the time, so there's no stress in not seeing the child for a few hours.

Choosing sole custody: What it means for custody rights

Sole custody isn't seen in most cases, but in situations where a child is better off with one parent over the other, it could be granted. If you've decided to go through a divorce and would like to obtain sole custody, the judge will want to know why restricting the other parent's right to see his or her child is appropriate.