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An economy of short-term gigs limits child support options

Today's world is one with a gig economy. What's meant by that? It's one where people can live by completing small gigs here and there instead of working a traditional 9-to-5 job. Contracted employees are paid per job, and with that, have a potential to have child support withheld from those paychecks. The difficulty is that it's hard to find out what those individuals make and could be next to impossible to get the companies to cooperate.

Man owes over $100,000 in child support payments

When you have to fight for child support from an ex for several years, the amount he or she owes adds up. Add interest to the amount along with fees, and it is easy to see how hard it would be for someone to make those payments. Despite that, it's their responsibility to do so, and failing to pay isn't an option.

Custodial fathers have a right to child support, too

If you're a father who has obtained primary custody, you might be concerned about child support. Your child's mother is supposed to pay, but you're not sure she'll do so. You feel it's your obligation to take care of your child, and you already work and support him or her without any need for additional money. Should you still seek support if your child's mother doesn't pay?

What is the importance of child support?

When you were ordered to pay child support, your first question may have been, "why?" You intend to be in your child's life around half the time, and you will pay for things he or she needs, like clothing, school activity funds and other needs. What difference would it make if you didn't pay child support? Why do you need to pay child support if you can't even guarantee that the funds go to your child?

Can you waive child support payments?

When you get a divorce, you may be against receiving alimony. Perhaps you don't want to receive it because you don't want to have continued contact with your ex. Maybe you don't want it because you no longer want to rely on your ex. Whatever the reason is, you can typically opt out of seeking alimony.

Can't afford child support? A modification can help

How much child support is too much? Every state has its own requirements, and you know that the guidelines may vary depending on the situation. There comes a point where you have to live, though, and no amount of pushing or prodding can make you produce money out of thin air.

New debt relief option helps parents behind on child support

Child support is difficult for some people to pay. They may not earn enough to live comfortably while paying what they owe. They may struggle to clothe themselves or eat because of the high cost. Despite this, child support is supposed to be there to help their children.

Garnishing wages can help get your the child support you need

If the father or mother of your child is not paying child support as ordered by the court, you do have options to get the money your child deserves. One way that the courts can help you get what you need from the other parent is by garnishing his or her wages. This works the best for people who have a consistent job and employer. It may be hard to garnish wages from someone taking jobs under the table or whose place of employment is unknown.